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A Fat Girl Turns 50

In a little over a month, I will turn 50.  Yep...the big 5-0...a half century...closer to the end than to the beginning. If I am honest, I must say that this birthday has hit me a bit harder than 30 or 40.  With both of those milestones, I gaily danced through the day and never looked back.  This one, though, has made me stop and take a breath.  It has made me look a little more closely at my life - where I have been, what I have done and where I am going. I know that there is one thing that has followed me around for 28 years of my life - I am fat.  Yep, I can call it "cuddly", "well upholstered" or even "fluffy", but the truth is that I am a size 14 on a 5'1" package. But this is not some "oh, woe is me, I am unloved and unworthy" rant.  Nope, that is definitely not me.  Let me begin my story.

   I guess that the "fat" part of my life started when I was 22 and I gained 40 pounds within a 3 month period. I won't go in…